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The history of Assenbaek The landscape (65 acres) surrounding the camp site consists of heath, forest, swamp and lakes. The camp site is divided into 3 large and 4 small camp sites which hold more than a 1,000 scouts. The remaining areas are suited for orienteering and other activities which involve experiencing Danish nature.
The history of Assenbækmølle goes all the way back to 1537 when it was a watermill. It was a mill until this century.

In 1964, Assenbaek was bought by Sct. Georgs Gilderne from the towns of Varde and Esbjerg. About 5 years later, the owners asked some of the local scouts if they would run the centre.
It then became known as the Scout Centre Assenbaek. Since then, the centre has held a lot of summer camps and other camps, both for Danish and foreign scouts. "Drejerne"

The voluntary staff members of the Scout Centre Assenbaek are called "Drejere". They are named after the young men who helped the fishermen from the town of Esbjerg preparing their fishing nets in the 18th century. Then as well as today, a "Drejer" is a person who assists others.

You can recognize a "Drejer" by his or her white scarf.
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